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Technical Links

This is a list of useful informational links that I have accumulated over the last 10 years. A lot of these were simply website bookmarks. Sadly when I generated the list, I found that about 20% of my links no longer existed. I don't mean they were moved. They were non-existant. This is troubling because a wealth of information has simply disappeared. If you have information pertaining to vintage motorcycles, share it with a website that will maintain it for a long time.

Misc. Restoration Tips
Starting an Old Motorcycle
New Life for Old Batteries - New!
Yuasa Battery Literature - New!
Applying Piston Coatings - New!
Painting Problem Solver
Paint Defects Solution Guide
Spray Gun World Help Section
House of Kolor Downloads
Killer Cans Spray Paint
Powder Coating for Motorcycles
Plastic Repair Quick Reference
Cycle Tank Repair & Restoration
Building a Gas Tank
Two Guys Garage, LM-1 Video
Using the Innovate LM-1
International Title Service

Rust and Corrosion
Cleaning Chrome on Motorcycles - New!
Removing rusty nuts, bolts and screws
Cleaning rusty nuts, bolts and screws
Rust Removal using Electrolysis
Motorcycle Rust Removal
Electrolysis Rust Removal
The Art of Harley Polishin
Intro to Buffing and Polishing

Restoration Websites
Norton Commando Transformer
Honda Repair and Restoration
The Evolution of a Norton Racer
Buiding a Featherlastic Norton
Norton Commando Motorcycle Rebuild
Eric's CB400F Project
1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport
Kawasaki H1 Restoration
Kawasaki H2 Restoration
Honda CB350 Vintage Roadracer
The Vintagent - Everything Old
Cycle Chaos Motorcycle Wiki
Honda Model Gallery

Motorcycle Components
Reproduction Decals
Multi-cylinder Carb Adjustment - New!
Motorcycle Carb Troubleshooting
Motorcycle Carburetor Troubles
Jetting Rules of Thumb
FactoryPro CV Carb Tuning
Lectron Carburetors
Carb Parts Warehouse
Buchanan Spokes and Rims
Sprocket Specialists
Replacement Fairing Parts
Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Glass from the Past
Turbo Glossary and Calculator
Video of Combustion Chamber

Motorcycle Specific
Bridgestone Motorcycles
This time Bridgestone
Steve's VF750F Website
CB750 Tech Information
CB750 Hot Rod Build
Unofficial CB450 Page
Dedicated to Honda 305's
VTR250 Information Page
VTR250 K&N airbox mods
XR75/XR80 Racing
Kaw H-series Manual
Kawasaki Links
Yamaha XS650 DIY Repairs
MikesXS 650 Tech Tips
Captain Norton's Notes
Norton Motorcycle Links 
NOC Tech Information
Norton Tech Information
Drouin Norton Supercharger

Tools and Machinery
Harbor Freight Tools
HF Good, Bad Ugly
HF Toolchest Review
HF Spray Guns - New!
TP Tools and Equipment  - New!
Kwik-Way Cylinder Boring - New!
Mini-Lathe Information
Little Machine Shop
Goodson Engine Builder's Supply
KBC Tools and Machinery
Enco Machine Tools
Wholesale Tool Company
Caswell Plating (painting) Supplies
Eastwood Paints and Supplies
Micrometer Calibration
Neway valve cutters

Welding and Metals
Steel gauge to decimal conversion
Mr. Devil Welding Basics
Miller Welding Tips and Hints
How to MIG weld - DIY Guide
MIG Welding Wire Selection
How to Weld - MIG Welding
How to Weld - TIG Welding
Tips for TIG welding aluminum
How to solder (braze) aluminum
Brazing and Welding Alloys
Mini-Lathe Accessories
Metal Shaping 101
Metal Buying Online

Other Tech Link Pages
Dan's Motorcycle Repair Course - New!
Eastwood Finishing Tech Library
Little Machine Shop Ref Library
Cylinder Head Resurfacing
Motorcycle How To's Index
Old Britts Technical Articles
BritCycle Help Files
British Only Tech Links
Blaine's Info Links
Japanese Parts (In USA)
Japanese Parts (In Europe)
General Motorcycle Info
Tips for Automotive Mechanics - New!

Museums and Major Events
Barber Motorsports Museum
Solvang Motorcycle Museum
Wheels Through Time Museum
National Motorcycle Museum
AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Barber Vintage Festival
Vintatge MC Days - Mid-Ohio
British&European Classic MC Day
VA British Motorcycle Club Rallye

Motorcycle Organizations
International Norton Owners Association
Nation's Capital Norton Owners Club
Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club
Trident & Rocket3 Owners Club
Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club
VA British Motorcycle Club
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (US)
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (UK)
Honda SOHC/4 Owners Club
American Historic Racing Motorcycle Assc.
WERA Motorcyle Road Racing
American Motorcyclist Association
Brit Bike Forums 

Important Riding Techniques
Safe Braking - Use the Front Brake!
Countersteering Techniques
Limited-Space Maneuvers
The Grit of Riding Gravel
Riding with a Passenger
Riding in the Rain

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